Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Sweet Taste of Summer

My foot is feeling much, much better. I have been icing it at night and making it through the work day. I still have a little swelling and bleeding, and some really COOL blue stitches, but overall, my gait has improved markedly. Our SO called friend Big Johnny calls me Peg Leg but more and more, I am using BOTH legs thank you very much.

Tonight I cooked and we had Buffalo Wild Wings. The beauty of the meal was the accompanying beverage. Bell's Oberon is back on shelves! Woo hoo! Now this is a 'summer' beer and while we are waiting for another snow/ice storm it was kind of odd to be drinking it. Who cares ...it's a good beer.

We are curled up, watching American Idol and switching to the Red Wings between performances. At some point, I am also going to have to hop over and see the Dancing with the Stars too.

Mr. Samson is making fabulous progress around the house. We are leaving him alone for longer periods time and he enjoys himself, simply sleeping on the bed. We had our friend and pet sitter, Catie, come over to meet Samson. He feel in love with Catie and never left her feet. I don't think that Catie will have any problems taking care of our Handsome Boy. It's a good week and sometime, someday we will eventually leave winter behind and have some spring to write about ... but not tonight.


Big Johnny said...

"someday we will eventually leave winter behind "

How does July sound ?? (peg leg)


Lisa said...

At first I was shocked to see the Oberon sun. Then I looked back at my old posts to March 2007, and, sure enough, there is reference to the first Oberon in a post dated March 29. Crazy. But it can only mean one thing: spring is coming, and then summer, and you will thaw out...eventually.