Sunday, March 23, 2008


It has been a quiet weekend. I have spent the majority of my time sitting on my duff, with my foot elevated and ice on top. The procedure went smoothly on Friday morning. Paul and I arrived shortly before 9:00 AM and start to finish, we walked out at 9:40. Paul stayed the entire time, to keep me company and take pictures. :) I had a couple of big shots to put my foot to sleep and then the good podiatrist stuck a large instrument into my foot to freeze the nerve giving me all the problems. Paul wisely decide not to take pictures during the actual work ...there are a little too much blood for my taste and the G rating on the blog. I am feeling much, much better, no additional bleeding, just a big nasty bruise. :( When I am all better, I am treating myself to a very nice pedicure.
Seems sort of sick to switch to food after posting awful pictures and commentary on surgical procedures but my podiatrist insisted that the best road to recovery included a good Pinot or Cabernet. So we had to oblige with a couple of nice meals this weekend including tenderloin deluxe. Today, Paul is making a pot of chicken stew. We have some carrots and celery that need to be used and soon. Plus it's pretty darn cold in Michigan so a good stew sounds terrific. With snow on the ground, ice on my foot and comfort food on the stove, we are watching baseball. And it's Easter Sunday. Nothing fits - I feel like I am lost in some weird Twilight Zone episode.

Samson is enjoying his day, doing what he does best. Here is thinking good warm thoughts and rejoicing on this Easter Sunday.

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