Thursday, March 20, 2008

What dogs learn in doggy school

Paul and I frequently giggle, chuckle and laugh out loud at some of Handsome Boy Samson's silly antics. While they are too numerous to document, there are a couple of behaviors that seem universal to dogs, or more specifically, German shepherd dogs. There are some things that Samson does that, for a moment, it is as if we are looking at Allister. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we pause and sometimes we have something in our eye that might require a kleenex. Or two.

We have tried to keep track of 'things that dogs learn in doggy school' but usually we end up talking and laughing about them and never getting them on paper. So here is our collective attempt to document them.

The curled paw. When Samson relaxes on the floor, in a sphinx-like position, his right paw is curled daintily underneath him. Allister did the same thing. We have no idea why.

The over-the-shoulder look. When we walk into the bedroom or wake up Samson to move him, we get the over the shoulder, what-do-you-think-you are-doing look? It is a akin to the 'oh are you kidding me?' look and the irritated 'you have totally disrupted my chi' look. All dogs seem to know and effectively use this look.

The end of the tail wag. This wag is typically used when a dog is in trouble, usually bad trouble. The dog sits at our feet, with searching, mournful eyes, submissive ears and while the end of his tail wags quickly. That cute little tail wag is hard to overlook. Usually results in a puppy treat for the dog misbehaving. And then we wonder why our dog doesn't listen to us....

The snort. Samson will sit down deliberatively and let out a BIG,HUGE SNORT, signaling his displeasure in who knows what. Allister was a master at this. Samson is pretty darn good too. We CLEARLY know when the dog is NOT happy. Clearly.

It's a good start. :) The Red Wings are looking good against Nashville and tomorrow is my foot under the zapper. Updates to follow.

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Lisa said...

Good luck tomorrow, Dee. Get your paws back in tip top shape.