Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bad feet

Yeah, bad feet.  It's going around.  Fortunately Paul is immune from the BFS (Bad Feet Syndrome) and since he is interviewing, it's a GOOD thing.  

First an update on Deb.  She is healing well, improved spirits and looking much, much better. Earlier this week, she was struck with a horrible bout of the flu. Lugging around her 50 lb cast (ok, slight exaggeration), trying to get to the bathroom on her scooter, things did not go well. Paul picked her up some meds and some 7-up and with a little time, she is feeling better.   She has a new cast and her leg seems to be healing well.  She has a great number of people bring her food, running errands, taking care of her furry kidz and some REALLY good friends doing her laundry.  ;)  (Well since I can't cook, at LEAST I can do her laundry).  :D  I think what it must be like - it's her right leg and she can't walk but to the next room, is not allowed to go downstairs and can't drive.  To be at the mercy of others can be a helpless feeling but she keeps a smile on her face and is always so appreciative to friends and family helping out.  It's good to see her smiling again. 

Other bad feet, well, those would be mine.  Friday,  yes Friday, Good Friday, I am having a little surgery on my foot.  It isn't a big deal and I shouldn't be down long (just a few days) and then I will be back at it, full force.   I have had some shots to try and eliminate the pain; they have not worked so it requires a further work.  I am not complaining since Deb is hobbling around with a big ole cast.  Mine will be a hole and a snip.  And some ice.   

This evening, I was limping around, setting the table.  Underfoot, even the BAD foot, was Samson.  I stepped right on his back foot and there was much howling and yelling- he in pain, and my startled yelling.   Poor guy, he went off gimping and I went off limping, both of us with bad feet.   After a few snitches of sausage and a puppy treat, he is much better.  Sad to report that puppy treats did NOT help my foot.  :(  

After this, I hereby declare that we are DONE with bad feet and we will all be well to enjoy the spring and summer.   The Red Wings really need to win and someone goes home tonight on American Idol.  It is supposed to snow on Friday and maybe Saturday.  No, that is not the sick joke of a weather weirdo; rather it is a true statement based on predictions of my favorite weather site - National Weather Service.   

Good night from Michigan - where it's Spring and Spring means snow.  

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