Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ah....the weekend

I missed Friday completely. It was a very busy day at work and then we had a nice quiet evening without (gasp) technology. Paul made Chicken Picata for dinner and it was nice and quiet. A lovely evening to watch the sun set on the backyard with no snow. Ahhhh.

Friday was a busy day at work. I have a new pocket camera (Nikon 5100) and when I wander around for meetings and such, I try and take pictures of what's happening on campus. There is some major renovation work going on in our building and I got a great picture of how things are progressing.

I had a meeting in our DeVries Hall and had a few minutes to kill so I wandered into our greenhouse and took some pictures. The greenhouse was delightfully warm and interesting. The fans were going full throttle but it was very peaceful. It gave me hope that winter might over and the spring just might be here. If more snow comes, I have a nice oasis to visit.

No post is complete without a picture of Handsome Boy. He spent the evening chewing on his bone and periodically looking out the window. If you look closely at the rug, amidst the dog hair (and we JUST vacuumed) there are small bits of his bone. Those nylon bone bits and pieces are scattered around the house. More cleaning to be had.

We are on puppy duty for a couple of friends which will cut into free time but only slightly. These are wonderful pups and we enjoy seeing them. We are having a friend over for dinner tonight and have a ton of errands to run. The sun is out and while still cool, it looks like it might very much be a nice day. Enjoy the weekend!


Lisa said...

I see cacti. If The Tot were there, she would expertly warn you not to touch them.

The pocket camera is coming in handy. How fun.


Deirdre Honner said...

I would need her see ... since I am of the mind that maybe, just maybe, THIS cactus isn't sharp...and lo and behold IT IS SHARP AND IT HURTS WHEN I TOUCH IT. Sigh. I never learn.

(Yeah the camera is handy...or justs adds to the paranoia that people in HR run around documenting things....