Thursday, April 03, 2008

Almost, almost Friday.

:) Oh where is the happy dance when we need it? Tomorrow. Today was a busy day, full of people and meetings and technology. I am still getting used to my little compact Nikon. It takes great pictures but it is slightly different from my D80 and my old Lumix. It looks too little to take the pictures it does. Nikon added funny sounds to it so it sounds like a DSRL. Kind of funny.

When I came home, we sat in the big room and caught up on the day. Mr. Samson decided to attach himself to me for the evening and put his head down on my shoes. He slept quietly while Paul and I shared stories and decided on dinner. We decided that we were both too tired to cook and Paul ran out to get Andrea's Pizza. Samson and I decided to have a little fun in the backyard with the flat disks and my new camera. He can chase these frisbees until his tongue falls out. He is so good that he could be a retriever.After a good amount of play and tongue, I brought Samson in and let him rest while I set the table for dinner. When he had cooled down, I fed him and he has been asleep at our feet since dinner.

Paul had two more interviews today, another one on Monday and who knows what after that. The Red Wings are playing Nashville and could win the President's Cup with a point. Let's go Red Wings!

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Lisa said...

No Big Bob's and $3.50 pints of Oberon?

I think Handsome Boy is going to love spring as much as he loved winter.