Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A good day

It was a good day. Wednesday's are always good days and since Henry (my VP) announced that we were HALF WAY through the week, and well that's just affirming. Affirming anyway that on Friday it's still the weekend and we go home. ;)

Henry and his fun wife, Jan, had their bathroom redone by HWC Homeworks. And the pictures look amazing. Henry has the gift of some very savvy and sharp kids (and wife) with a terrific eye and they picked out the coolest colors. Paul got to help paint and he raved about the blue they picked for the walls. We are looking forward to it seeing it in person.

Paul bought me an April Fool's gift (ya know, I need a reason). I got a new pocket camera, a Nikon Coolpix P5100. The pics are up to 12 megapixels and a zoom lens that I can accessorize. Plus it does little movies - and I never miss a chance to show off Handsome boy. I am learning how to use it and it will fit nicely into my pocket. What a gem!

Since Paul is so close to getting a job, I am letting him take care of everything this week. Tonight (oh happy day) he is making Peppery Flank Steak. This is a recipe from a very old Williams Sonoma book and one of my all time favs. It has been marinating all day in the main ingredient, line juice, so it will be nice and tender. I think that we will make green beans and perhaps a salad. It will be a nice dinner.

Tonight is a toss up between American Idol and the Detroit Red Wings. The Wings are playing Chicago and that is always a great rivalry. I have some pictures to take of the new window treatments - they look FABULOUS and once I get them done, I will post. Enjoy the evening.

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Lisa said...

The snow is gone. The snow is gone. Did you notice that? Is spring coming??