Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Middle of the week day

It has been an interesting week! Today, we get the new window treatments in for the bathroom and the front room. The front room is something that we debated (for years) since our entire house faces the backyard. But after this winter, and with the size of the window, we decided to put blinds up. They are cordless and will tuck nicely underneath the decorative cornice. We believe that they are a 'must' and will help with the heat and cold in the large room. The bathroom blinds are the last 'hardware' item needed to finish it. We are having a stained glass picture made to complete the room but that will be several weeks in the making. I will post pictures of the window treatments tomorrow.

Paul has had a couple of interviews and believes that he will shortly be employed. He has enjoyed his time at home, especially with Samson, but is ready to rejoin the working world. Elvis (Costell0) has a great song about work - 'welcome to the working world....'

The stitches are out of my foot and it is still healing. I was thinking that I would be back walking normally and that isn't the case, at least for a while. But at least the wild blue stitches are out of my foot and not pulling. I think that it will be a while before it doesn't hurt. :(

Idol and DWTS were terrific. My new pocket camera comes today and we are halfway through the workweek!

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