Sunday, April 27, 2008

As one door closes...

...another opens. Tomorrow Paul begins his new career with GE. This is an exciting evening for us and a goodbye to his temporary retirement. It was been an absolute gift to have him home for the last eight months. We have two totally renovated bathrooms, a consolidated home and a Handsome Boy, Samson who has found a place with us forever. All because Paul had the gift of time.

But it's time for what's next and Paul is excited about his new position. We are thrilled that our friend and best pet friend ever, Catie, will be taking care of Samson while we work.

Our Sunday was very busy. I had laundry and house chores to finish up and Paul cut the grass and emptied the hot tub. We are done with the hot tub season. :( Catie called and was having problems with her computer. After our chores, we popped over to her house to check on the machine. The good news was that it was just a loose cable and she was up and running and in no time.

Paul made chicken picata for dinner and it was fantastic. We have a 'laxing evening and looking forward to tomorrow. It's back to work for everyone! :)
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