Saturday, April 26, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

What a busy couple of days! On Friday, we had our so-long lunch for Sven. We have been joking that Paul is our Sven (like in the commercial) bringing us lunch, driving me to work, making me dinner and taking care of Handsome Boy, Samson. All of this ends on Monday at 7:45. Paul goes back to work and Sven, well, he dies. So long for now Sven. (Sob....)

We have been loving the weather. On Friday it was 85 and today it is 54 with a potential low of 37 tonight. Is that nuts? At least the snow showers are now just rain so we won't be looking at accumulating snow. Whew. Paul was going to try and cut the grass today but it was too wet and with potential snow, we held off. Oh, who am I kidding with the 'we'; he held off. ;) If it doesn't rain, he may be able to cut it tomorrow. We have two lawn mowers from all the moves, so I probably will get to help.

This afternoon was a very special occasion. My friend and colleague (and her family) hosted a lovely reception for her parents who were celebrating 50 year wedding anniversary. Paul and I loaded up the cameras and took approximately 300 pictures of cake, the kids, the family, the friends and attendees. It was a lovely event and we had an awesome time. Now, I just have to burn the pictures.

Red Wings are playing Colorado today and looking GOOD. Paul is making a wonderful tenderloin meal with creamed spinach (I LOVE creamed spinach). The wind is blowing like crazy and it is beautiful to watch the trees dance in the wind. Samson is still so hyper with all the world coming alive in spring and we need to keep him going. He is so much fun.

Enjoy the weekend!


Henry said...

Too bad Sven isn't Irish--we could have had a proper wake for him. Any excuse for adult beverages...

Do you need a ride to work on Monday morning? :-)

Paul's Blog said...

Trust me, Sven is Irish on his mother's side. Dee and I are enjoying some Jacob's Creek Cabernet tonight with our meal!