Thursday, April 24, 2008

Double take

I love my profession and my job. And Calvin College. A good part of my job involves hiring people. I love that part of my job. In order to keep up on what I do, I am, as I tell people, always looking. Now, I am not looking for ME, rather I am just looking. I look to see who is hiring what, how the ads are written, benefits, etc, etc. Every week, I scour the ads online and in the paper. I think that others thought that I was looking but that isn't the case. I need to stay up on what's happening 'out there.'

So it was no surprise that I came across this position- Human Resource Assistant/Rodeo Coach. At first, I thought it was a joke. I mean, seriously, someone to handle Human Resources assistance AND coach the rodeo team? For real?

I kept reading.

The successful candidate will have a lead role in developing a Training & Development function within the University and will also serve as the University's Rodeo Coach. The Human Resource Assistant provides support for a variety of human resources functions which include providing information and counseling to the University's employees regarding benefits information and employment policies.

This has to be a typo. I kept reading.

The Rodeo Coach will provide program administration, establishment of practice sessions and travel to rodeos, recruitment of new and transfer students, and fundraising.


Knowledge of institutional personnel policies and procedures related to compensation, fringe benefits, and employee records; and extensive knowledge of the sport of rodeo. Ability to communicate effectively; deal tactfully with employees, students, and the public; establish and maintain effective working relationships; explain and apply rules and procedures; maintain a variety of HR functions; and provide individualized instruction pertaining to individual rodeo events. This position will be expected to travel to recruit students and travel with the rodeo team to 10 seasonal college rodeos and the College National Finals Rodeo. Some overtime will be required.

So this job is to handle all the Human Resources functions including training and development, benefits, compensation and employment. And the other half of the job is training and traveling with the RODEO team...and while on the road, meet with students who may be considering the university and if you don't have ENOUGH to do...FUNDRAISE.

Holy cow. Who can fill THAT job? I have half a mind to call the university and ask how in the world they are going to fill that job. Just because I am curious, and well, nosy. This has to be, hand's down, the most bizarre combination of skills, knowledge and abilities that I have ever seen wrapped up in one job. Like, what do you pay a rodeo coach? If you have someone who loves HR (a desk sort of job), do they WANT to be out on the road with Rodeo? I am thinking no but I guess they think that they can fill the job. Huh. It's a mystery to me and I do this for a living.

The Red Wings start round two ...against the hated Colorado Avalanche. It should be a good series and as Mike Babcock says, the team that wants it most, will win. Go Wings!


Lisa said...

I'm chuckling away...imagining you (or anyone for that matter), in the hair banded cowgirl hat and braids. Cute!!


Deirdre Honner said...

I would look particularly good with a gun... ;)