Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bad day to be a squirrel

It started out as a wonderful morning. We had a nice breakfast and Paul started painting. I worked around the house and took care of miscellaneous stuff so that I could watch the hockey game. I let Samson out to take care of business and horror of horrors, he chased AND THEN CAUGHT a squirrel. And he did what I was afraid of, he started to kill it. I will spare you the details but where the squirrel bit him on the nose, fighting for his life, has at least stopped bleeding. Paul humanely took care of the squirrel, who sadly was suffering. The squirrel has gone to heaven, or wherever deceased squirrels go, thanks to Paul.

I took a picture of Samson, treeing a squirrel last week. I hope the squirrels have learned a valuable lesson and stay clear of here. It's not safe for squirrels on Argentina. The word is out.

At some point, I will be over this drama, but I need a very STIFF ADULT BEVERAGE to help. Tomorrow, it's back to work.


Lisa said...

So, I think the new phrase shall be: You haven't a squirrels chance on Argentina!

The snowball and hell were a little cliche, anyway.

I am a little verklempt, though. It just makes me think of poor Rex. Poor squirrel.


Deirdre Honner said...

Truth be told, I was bawling the whole time...I couldn't stand the violence. But as friends have said, it's nature.

It was tough...I felt so badly for the squirrel. Samson thought he was doing something good. :(

Henry said...

Deidre, think of this this way--better a squirrel than a skunk!! Then you'd really be bawling.

Big Johnny said...

Attilla...protecting the compound !! A noble animal !!