Sunday, April 13, 2008

Adios, Dusty Rose

We had a busy Saturday! We ran over to see our friends, Abi and Steve, and CUTE AS A BUTTON Noah. Abi made a run to Ikea and picked up some votives for us. We can ALWAYS use votives. Noah is getting so big and today he was dubious of our presence. It is always great to see them. Goodness he is cute. :)

We did some power shopping for Paul, picking up clothes for his new job. Wow, is he set. We spent the afternoon watching the Red Wings play and getting the guest bedroom ready for painting. A funny, providential story about the guest bedroom. When we painted the bedroom the first time, I picked what I thought was a lovely mauve, more brown than pink. Well, what ended up on our walls was NOT the color I picked out. It turned out way too pink, called 'Dusty Rose' by a friend, called UGLY by us...But we were committed and have suffered with it all these years. When HWCHomeworks was redoing our first bathroom, Jim was tearing down the tub, and while pulling on a 2x4, pulled out some of the wall in the guest bedroom. Jim was very apologetic about the problem, while all the time we were rejoicing! We simply needed an excuse to redo the bedroom. Jim patched up the hole and sanded it. Today we start the painting. Adios Dusty Rose!!!

We had to pull everything out of the bedroom, so we are living with a bit of entropy. The box spring and bed headboard and footboard are leaning against the front door. We are hoping for NO fire in the house. :0 Samson had a fun time checking out the room and the mirror. Paul is going to start painting this AM, starting with the ceiling, then walls, then trim.

It rained most of the day yesterday and Samson was terribly rambunctious. It just wasn't weather for a walk, or a play, unless of course, you are a duck. As I thought, we got no snow, not even as much rain as I thought. We actually have some sun peeking through the clouds this AM.

Red Wings are up 2-0 over Nashville. Go Wings. And the (loathed) Ducks are down 0-2. Oh yeah. The playoffs are heating up. Enjoy the day!

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Big Johnny said...

"We did some power shopping for Paul, picking up clothes for his new job"

Aaahhh...I remember those days...became an MVP at L.L. Bean