Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lazy Saturday morning

We slept in today, almost until 7 am! Samson has an internal clock unlike any dog I have known. At exactly 5:45 am, he was at my bedside, licking my face, wanting to get up. We convinced him to sleep another hour. (Jeez) We made a big pot of coffee and Paul is making some brekkie. Brekkie is a term that we picked up while traveling in Australia and it has found a permanent home in our vocabulary. So brekkie is cooking as I type.

On Friday, Paul accepted the position of Engineering Manager at GE (formerly Smith's Aerospace). He is starting work on April 28, 2008. So much for his Jubilee Year. ;) He is very excited about the position and I am thrilled for him. He had the most interesting job search of anyone I know - interviewing for the some of the most diverse positions. If you have a couple of hours, you can follow his job search. :) He has quite a few letters to write, thanking different people for their time and letting them know that he is no longer available. Even in this economy, he has found something wonderful. I am very happy for him!

It is beautiful here right now. It is quite warm and terribly wet. We are expecting thunderstorms during the day, and at night, expecting some snow/wintery mix. Based on the temperature, I am dubious of the wintery mix. As Paul says, temperature drives weather and I think the white stuff will be wet stuff only.

Samson is being a big goof. Right now, he is sitting under our table, chewing on his bone. Because it is so warm, I opened up the front door so he could watch the world go by. He sat for a while, watching the rain, the leaves, probably chipmunks. I frequently wonder about his life before he joined ours. I wonder if he was mistreated or hungry, scared or lonely. Almost any opportunity he has, he will sit and stare out the window, I like to speculate that he is making up for lost time. But it's all in his past; he is safe now and spoiled rotten. I wish that I could save more. But for right now, at least we have saved one.

Dinner will be a game time decision. Paul has a couple of good rib-eyes for dinner OR, if grilling isn't an option, chicken we can bake. Depends on the weather... We have a busy morning - shopping, paint, work clothes for Paul (no suits needed!!), errands, etc. Red Wings play at 2:00 pm today and our puppy sitting duties are coming to an end. Enjoy the weekend!
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