Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Friday

Oh happy day! It's Friday! And to make it better, the Red Wings won game 1 against the Nashville Predators. GO WINGS!

We have had fabulous weather, some of my favorite - strong winds, driving rains, thunder and lightening. I love this kind of weather.

Today, our friend Dave is going to bring back our screen door. Samson is unfamiliar with screen doors and one day running in from playing frisbee, essentially took out the entire slider screen door. Had it not been so irritating, it would have been quite impressive. Just took the entire door right out. Anyway, our friend Aileen, fixed it for us (THANK YOU!) and Dave is bringing it back today. After we get the door back, we will need to conduct some 'screen door' training for Mr. Handsome.

The training won't happen this weekend - we are expecting tons of rain and perhaps (GASP!!) snow and/or a wintery mix. We have a busy one - some painting to do in the guest bedroom (Deirdre's selection of 'dusty rose' for the bedroom color is wretched and it's a good time to say adios), some shopping for a new dining area rug that perhaps will be MORE dog hair resistant and some technology inventory. Since it looks like Paul is heading back to work here soon, we have some projects that must be checked off the list. Enjoy the day!
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