Wednesday, April 09, 2008


It's gloriously midweek! The weather has taken a turn and has gotten much colder. So cold in fact that we are expecting snow flurries this weekend. Is that crazy or what?

Tomorrow night, the Red Wings start their first round of the playoffs. They start with the Nashville Predators who, in the past, have had a kickin' goalie. I sure hope that they can score.

Paul is getting closer to a decision. He still has a couple of positions pending but is leaning towards GE. We love the location, and commute and job, of course. We spent the evening taking care of dogs, having a wonderful dinner and watching Idol Gives Back. Enjoy the evening. :)


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness. Our forecast is the polar opposite (no pun intended). Mid 90s. Ugh! I will try to bottle and send some warmth.

Don't forget the appliances. GE means appliance discount. Of course, there is always Wolf!


Big Johnny said...

I'm more than ready for American Idol to go away so "House" can come back on !!!