Monday, April 07, 2008


It's beautiful here in Michigan. We have gorgeous sun, clear skies and a silly dog who wants nothing more than to chase a pink flat disk through the wind.

When I got home from work, Paul and Samson went out to play with the flat disk and I took a whole bunch of pictures with the D80. One of the cutest traits of Samson is his ears. He has strong, stand-up German shepherd ears but when he runs, one of tip tops of his ears curls and bends. It is just precious. I tried several times to catch it and because of Paul's perfect frisbee throws, think I did.

For dinner, Paul grilled a couple of chicken breasts and we made a chicken-ceasar salad with a lovely chardonnay in our glasses. Tomorrow Dave is swinging by to measure our front door since we would like to replace it. That and a whole host of home updates to be done but with the bathrooms done, we can knock out a couple of individual projects on the list! :)

It's a nice quiet night and we are waiting for the rain.

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Lisa said...

I'm buying stock in whatever company manufactures your flat disks. Darn, that dog loves to play, doesn't he??

He's beautiful.