Thursday, July 24, 2008

End of a long, slow walk

Well, tomorrow is the day. OUT with the Pin. I have a flood of different emotions in anticipation of said event. In all honesty and forthrightness, I am completely, utterly and totally freaked up by this pending pull. And since I can be sort of a 'worst case scenario' kind of gal, what do I do if it's stuck to something? Crap. Now, you who read and are professionals in the medical field, I don't want to hear that 'that can't happen.' I don't believe you. You would also support the notion that this won't hurt. And EVERYONE knows how I feel about that.

Apparently, having done a bit of research, the good podiatrist will twist the Pin to make sure that it's loose, kind of turn it around. That makes me queasy and sick just typing this. But the entire event shouldn't take more than a second. I hope. I pray. Please.

So on the eve of my next great adventure, I am grateful for a couple of things. I am truly grateful for good medicine and wonderful Calvin College benefits. And without Paul who did all the driving, cooking, cleaning and Mr. Handsome care, I wouldn't have made it. Thanks Hon!

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Lisa said...

I feel attached to the Pin in some vicarious way. Maybe you could bring it home in a little clear plastic vial to admire for all eternity.

Or not.

If it makes you feel better, I think I'm actually have sympathy nausea and queasiness. Good luck tomorrow. We'll keep our fingers and (pinless) toes crossed.