Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Over the hump

I always seem to write that we are busy. And I can't quite figure out how I can be so busy with a Pin in my foot. But I am.

Paul and I are working longer days. My normal hours are 8:00 to 4:30 during the summer but Paul works 8-5. Since I can't drive and we carpool, I am there normally around 7:20 and don't leave until 5:00 or so. Makes for long days with the Pin.

So we have one more day and a wake up. Thursday and then Friday AM. 3:00 pm on Friday, the Pin comes out and we are done with this stage of the repair. I am sure that there are more hoops - like physical therapy and exercises since it is a tendon that I damaged. But I will find out more on Friday. And will share it here.

Work is consuming right now - both with hours and mental energy. It's just that time of the year. The weather has been beautiful - sometimes a little humid but gorgeous skies, gentle breezes and some intermittent rain. It's nice to come home and enjoy our backyard, from inside. The mosquitoes are horrific! But the hawks are out and so beautiful and amazing to watch. We watched one of our hawks go after a squirrel the other morning. So amazing.

So that's all that's fit to type. Enjoy the evening. Next post - Happy Dance, naked foot and NO Pin!


Lisa said...

We have arrived! The weather is gorgeous. The breezes are gentle and fair, the sun is warm but not blistering, The Tot is asking when we will go to Lake Michigan. All is right with the world.

Glad to know you and the Pin will soon be parting ways. Also, tell your husband to stop working so hard. Doesn't he know he has to cook dinner? :-)


Deirdre Honner said...

Welcome! You came at a PERFECT time!

(Too bad that you won't be able to see the Pin).