Sunday, July 20, 2008


We had a really busy weekend, together and individually. Saturday, we ran a ton of errands, I worked on my friend's computer, helped her with a website for some rental property and did a little shopping. Saturday night, Paul had a Dining Out and I hope that he will blog about it. :) With a Pin in my foot, I wasn't going to a party. So I stayed home and took care of Mr. Handsome and Paul got all dressed up in his uniform and went on his merry way. I watched the Tigers lose their game to Baltimore, blowing a 7-0 lead. Jeez.

This morning, Paul and I ran down to the NOSC Grand Rapids, the Center that brought us to western Michigan. This time, we were there for another transitional event, a 'retired' dependent ID card for me. It didn't take too long and Paul got a say hello to a number of old shipmates. It was fun to step back in time for a moment.

After returning from the NOSC, we packed up the LR and headed over to Deb's house for a playdate. Deb has two wonderful dogs (Chelly and Mindy) rescued from Calvin & WMRL too (same place that we got Samson) and they had yet to meet. When calling to confirm, we discovered that Mary was joining us too, with her rescue, Jack. We had no idea what to expect. And were we surprised!

They had a blast - after the initial barking, butt sniffing and some hair up on their backs, they started running around, having a grand time. Aunt Deb also has a pool and we have discovered, though aren't surprised, that Samson LOVES the water. We knew that he was meant to be with us. :) We all were sitting out in the backyard watching the dogs play and catching up on life. Mary's dog Jack is hilarious and hoarded ALL the toys. He was a tad possessive and Samson and Jack would take to toys back and forth, trying to get the toys from the other - it made us ALL laugh. After about 90 minutes of play, all the dogs were tired. We headed home and Samson had to take a nap. He is killed. :)

Tomorrow, it's back to work and the last week with the Pin. HOORAY.

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