Saturday, October 18, 2008

Feeling blue, feeling better

Holy cow, did I go down hard! I was sick for two days and I mean sick like - nothing stayed down, nothing stayed in, nothing helped and there was NOTHING that I could do. Literally. So I slept. Had some beef broth. Eventually progressed to hot chocolate. And it stayed down. I slept some more. I couldn't believe that I could sleep all day and still sleep all night. It was something. By yesterday afternoon, I was feeling well enough to sit on the sofa and read my Real Simple. But by 2pm, I was tired and slept the rest of the afternoon. It was quite a strange bug. Or whatever it was. I think it's gone - no more fever, no more headache and best of all the All Bran for breakfast is seeming to take. :)

I do need to brag just a little bit ... Samson is the hit of the puppy day care. The people at Whiskers LUV him and with that face, how could you not? Srsly, isn't that a gorgeous, handsome face? He is such, such, such a good dog and just loves everyone he meets. Except small protein on the hoof that he feels the need to hunt. Small deficiency.

There are some wicked cool technology updates. OpenOffice came out with 3.0. I know all you geeks know what this means but for the innocent who stumble by, I will 'splain it a bit. 3.0 will read the M$ proprietary extensions - .docx, .xlsx on both PC and Mac. The day it came out the d/l sites were overwhelmed so I waited a couple of days to post it. I have installed it on my Mac and PCs and it works like a charm. Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE? I will say it again - FREE! Brilliant.

I am still crazy about Chrome the new browser by Google. Yeah, it's sweet. It isn't running on the Mac yet, but I am on the update list and will certainly post when it's available. I have heard rumblings of some security issues and keep on eye on those. But hand's down, best browser out there.

And if you STILL aren't twittering, I will say it again. Get out there and Twitter, people. Email and chat is soooo passe. At least for short notes...

The rest of the weekend will be a quiet one for me. Despite feeling well, I want to continue resting and taking it easy, just to be sure. Paul is going to run a few errands to Lowe's (where else do men go on a Saturday?) and pick up some things for dinner.

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of our 'Gotcha date' with Samson. We have some of the funniest pictures and posts from our early days to current. From the street to cement kennel to lovely neighborhood in East Grand Rapids, he has made himself quite at home. Our Mr. Handsome. Mr. Pitiful. The Handsome One (thanks Johnny) and Little Man. If we have a treat, he will answer to almost anything. :)

For our GOOD friend in AZ - Let's Go State! I hope you survive the afternoon.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the positive energy. He (that would be the man I married) has already started gloating. And the game has yet to be played. Arrrgggh.

Samsom. He's so handsome. Where did you do that adorable card? Too cute for words.

Glad the All Bran is sticking. :-)


Henry said...

Hi, Glad you're feeling better. Maybe I'll see the Commander at Lowes--you're right, it's Saturday. See you Monday. H.

Deirdre Honner said...

Lisa, Whiskers used Samson as their 'model' for the picture b/c he is SO good and will pose. Isn't that sweet? The picture was free for us.

Thanks Henry, I will be back on Monday. See you then.

Lisa said...

He's a Renaissance Man. He hunts AND models. Such a handsome boy!


Big Johnny said...

Is he not handsome ??

All Bran ??? old are you ?? ;^) Cap'n Crunch ROCKS !!!