Sunday, October 19, 2008

A laundry list of accomplishments

...and a whole lot of neighborhood happenings.

Somewhere along the way, I got the bright idea that we could try and keep the leaves from piling up in the corner of our house. It's difficult to explain so a picture is worth all the words. Paul is such a good sport about my flashes of (un)brilliance so dutifully bought the bright orange plastic while we were at Lowe's. Along with a hammer and staple gun, we put the fence up. So far, the fake fence is keeping the leaves trapped in, and not keeping much out ... but I spent $45 of this stupid fencing, so for the duration of leaf season, it's staying dammit.

We also cut the grass, cleaned off the roof (Paul worked and I supervised from the ground), cleaned up the hottub in prep for filling next week, chatted with neighbors, ordered the keg for our kitchen-warming party, visited with Deb and cleaned up kitchen.

And most exciting for me, Paul put up my preciptation collector so I can start reporting rainfall in East Grand Rapids. I am feeling rather smug about this whole weather, cool, groovy, nerdy, giving back thingy. Or whatever. Probably just something else to geek out about. I am so transparent, it's shameful.

I also have to thank Henry, my VP at work, who is also a botanist extraordinaire (a Ph. D after all) who told us that rather than rake leaves, to mulch them. We did. Lots of mulching today. Saving bags, saving backs (ours) and mulching leaves. Thanks Henry. :)

And Samson got his groove on. Chasing hoppy things. Chasing the frisbee. And sitting quietly while we worked. He is killed and so are we. Tomorrow we are back at it. Good night all.


Henry said...

You're welcome. Mulch on!!

And how do I get to see the data from this much-anticipated precip collector. And, does it do snow??

Paul's Blog said...

Henry, do not encourage her about the "precipitation collector."

For the record, the reading at 1900 DST was 0.1" of precipitation.

Henry said...

I'm afraid it's too late for that--I'm a weather nerd, too, just like the HR Maven.