Saturday, November 15, 2008

A sea of leaves

Well, it's going to be a busy weekend.   The weather has given a us a window of non-precipitation and we need to strike.  And fast.  

I will write more about the software engineer from Google who spoke for about an hour on what cool things Google is doing (that left me in awe and admiration - just a side bar - their Android phone has a UPC Scanner and you can compare prices while at the grocery store) and will write more about our dinner, guests and fun tonight with Paul making us Prime Rib.  

But now, I need to go help with hot, dirty, man work.  We are trying to get the leaves out before the snow.  

Enjoy your Saturday! 

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Lisa said...

Sea of leaves is right! That there looks like a three-day job. I had one maple tree in my yard on Lyon St., and that could take the better part of a day. We were sort of fortunate in our house on Oliver Woods - lots and lots of pines, very few deciduous trees, so not too much back breaking leaf raking.

They are beautiful, though, once you get them all stacked up in neat piles into which a 100 lb. GSD can take a running leap!

Stay warm.