Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Happy Dance!

Woo hoo! It's Friday. Whew. 'Nuff said.

Yesterday, we had an enjoyable evening with Mr. Handsome. We celebrated one year of his joining our family. I can't believe how the time has flown. He has a number of wonderful names including Samson, Mr. Handsome, The Handsome One (thank you Johnny), Goofball, Mr. Pitiful, Little Man, Handsome Boy, Hotel Bravo (that's from Paul, surprise) and HB. It is so funny how names evolve and he is no exception.

It is POURING rain here. I love the rain but not at 0545 when we are walking HB. It is quite mild right now but that is supposed to change by this afternoon.

Tech Updates! No posting would be complete without a quick technology update. Google Chat has added video and you need just update (here) it to get the cool video component. It is MUCH better than Yahoo or AIM chat. Big pop-out window and picture-in-picture. Google also has flu trends (srlsy) here. And Pew produced an interesting article on your digital footprint in this electronic age. You can d/l it here. And if that isn't enough, the computer science dept at Calvin College has a speaker here from Google. That is SO cool. I will def try and get to see him.

Weather Nerd Alert. Bill Steffen's winter forecast is available on Wood TV's website. You can find it here. Bottom line, more snow. SWEET. And I am glad that we spent the few sheckles to have someone plow our driveway. Wise, wise investment.

So from STATION NUMBER: MI-KN-34, STATION NAME: East Grand Rapids 0.6W, happy Friday! Lots going on this weekend. Have a good one.


Big Johnny said...

Tech updates...
<< insert clanging sound of frying pan hitting head here>>

" ...more snow. SWEET"

We'll see how you feel in April....

And gongrats on one year with Hotel he not handsome ??

Lisa said...

First, I had no idea Samson joined your pack on the day Rex began his sad exit from ours. I suppose, as in most things, one door opens and another closes; a beautiful thing.

Second, the fact you have a station number at your EGR "Weather Center" has me obsessively humming the theme song to "WKRP in Cinncinati." It's slightly irritating, but it's a whole lot better than the last song I couldn't get out of my head - the intro to "Madeline in Hollywood." Don't ask. It's pre-school stuff that'll have you brain-farting all over the internet.

Back to reading your posts.