Thursday, November 13, 2008

Almost there

Well, its a bizarrely warm and soggy Thursday morning. We have had a busy week and I have been slacking on the posts - for all my blogs. Look for some good eats over at East of the Equator Cafe as Paul is cooking us a prime rib Saturday night. Good friends and good foods. Oh heaven.

Got an extra $10 billion sitting around? The City of Detroit thinks they are as worthy as any bank of a bailout.

DETROIT -- The Detroit City Council wants a $10 billion federal bail out for the city, to pay for public works projects to create jobs, such as a mass transit system, and to deal with high foreclosure rates.

Yup, that's special. You can read the entire article here - Detroit News.

There are a number of reasons that Detroit shouldn't get ANY of our money, so many reasons like the mayor, the problems, the entitlement but if you need one, here it is:

DETROIT -- City auditors say there's strong evidence that employees and others are misusing and even stealing fuel from city pumps, warning there is a "total lack of control" over the city's nearly $7 million a year gas supply.

Yup, still special. You can read the entire article here - Detroit News

Tomorrow, the Friday Happy Dance!

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Lisa said...

Amazing. I had no idea a big, fat infusion of cash could also cure MORAL bankruptcy!

Piss and vinegar. That's me right now.