Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wrapping up the weekend

It has been lovely weekend. On Friday afternoon, Paul headed back to GP to hang with friends and fam, and I had time to hang with Mr. Handsome. We had a thoroughly delightful weekend that involved naps, walks, hunts and Frisbee in between raindrops.

There is nothing too remarkable to report about meals sans Paul. One meal involved a hand-made pizza from Sam's Club and another meal was pre-made chicken tettrazini. Both forgettable.

I did have a chance to write out some thoughts about my time with Samson. I wrote this to post on a GSD website and liked it so much that I thought I would share it with you.

Pithy thoughts on the Handsome One.

Samson must follow me everywhere. EVERYWHERE. The bathroom, the basement to do laundry, the kitchen to cook, the dining room to eat, the backroom to hang. And most of the time, he has to be touching me (or husband). Sometimes he falls asleep with his head on my Paul's feet.

When I am walking around, he is walking with me and leaning/touching my thigh. Sometimes he does a little nudge. He cracks me up doing this but sometimes I don't WANT to go to the puppy treats. Sometimes I need to you know, do other things.

When he thinks there is a pause in movement, he will plop right down. Could be smack dab in the middle of the kitchen, right in front of the stove. Could be right in front of the toilet, which does create some problems. Could be right on the bed when I am trying to change sheets. Doesn't matter as long as he is right in the middle of everything. If you could hear Paul and I talking to each other while we cook, you would mostly hear, "don't mind us, dog" and "don't let me get in your way, Samson." He is waiting for gravity to work in his favor, having good eats fall to the floor.

\:o He hates squirrels. He barks and talks to them through the sliding doors. They perch on their back legs and chatter at him from outside. If I could just get him to be quiet and stealth, he would have a much better chance of catching them.

I swear this dog is nothing short of psychic. When I think about taking him outside to play, his ears go up. It's crazy. And I know that he understands every thing I say, even when I try and spell.

The cutest thing was I caught him playing with a pillow. I did an 'Uh oh" and he immediately dropped the pillow, ears went back and he buried his face in my knees. I could not help but giggle. Here is this 100 lb dog afraid that I am not happy with him.

This week, we will have had him one year! I didn't think that I could love a dog as much as I loved my Allie but found the my heart has a lot of room for love, and I am just crazy about him. From a cement cell to a leather sofa. Yup, we love him.

And Monday, it's back to work!


Lisa said...

I think I'm going to start volunteering at our Boxer Rescue. Hopefully I'll be able to take The Tot along with me in hopes of easing her fear of big dogs. If so, there will be one more released from a cement cell to a leather sofa!

Samsom, as always, so handsome.


Big Johnny said...

A new name for him...Big Goofy :^) he not handsome ?

Deirdre Honner said...

He is SO handsome. He has a big heart too. Can't stand it when he is in trouble and separated from the pack.

He has this pitiful howl - that's why we call him Mr. Pitiful. :)

Johnny, you have to come see him.