Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Charlie Brown tree

It is a wild, raucous, crazy, blowing, snowing chaos outside. But we are inside, cuddled up with the Handsome One and our beautiful tree.

The story of the tree. We were still splitting our time between Chicago and Grand Rapids. The first Christmas in Chicago, we weren't going to have a Christmas tree. As we got closer to the holiday, we realized that our decision was a bad one. So we bought a tree at Ikea for a whopping $13. It reminds us of the little tree from Charlie Brown, a name dubbed by my colleague at work.

Now it is our Christmas tree. And we think it's beautiful.


Henry said...

You know the weather's bad when the CRC churches are all cancelled. I LOVE this weather!! Is HB having fund in the snow??

Deirdre Honner said...

He is going WILD! I have to have a break in the snow to get some pictures. The snow is up past his belly. And he doesn't want to come in!

Lisa said...

I hear Linus on the piano as I type. Love the tree!

The pics you and Paul sent were awesome. I am so bummed I'm missing the snowfall, but eager to get there. Hopefully it will not all have turned icky gray by Saturday.


Jewels said...

The main thing is that you keep the Charlie Brown tree :)

Deirdre Honner said...

Julia, glad you like the picture. :)

Lisa, there will be PLENTY of snow for you and the tot.

Gary said...

I like the tree too!

How much snow do you have?
We have about a foot, and expecting more in the next couple of days. Yipee!