Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow, love, life.

I am busy. Parties, people, laundry, house cleaning. Oh yeah, and some pictures. :) The usual. Please take a moment to enjoy the pictures. We will be back to our regularly scheduled blogging shortly.

Another winter storm heading our way. How did we get SO fortunate?

Stay warm!


Lisa said...

I love that face full of snow. How much did you get? Looks splendid!!

I'm not wearing socks right now...however, I will be fully equipped when we arrive in The Motherland in ONE WEEK!!!


Jewels said...

Hi Dee Dee,

John told me about your blog and said you like to take pictures. It's always good to meet a kindred spirit! Handsome dog :)

Julia Smilde

Gary said...

Hi Dee,

Love your snow!
Love your D80!
Excellent photos of Sammy!
We're supposed to have our first white Christmas in many years!

You & Paul have a wonderful Christmas!