Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wrapping up the week

It's the Friday happy dance!  It's been a good week and @plkrat (Paul for you non-Twitter peeps) is almost back to his good, healthy self.   We needed a little fun around our house, as if there isn't enough and expanded our Twitter presence.   Paul and I so enjoy having a dog in the house. Going about our daily and evening activities, we usually give him a voice.  Samson will say things like "where are the puppy treats?"  or "why don't you cook me a steak too?"  or "I need to chase the squirrels"  If you look into his big, brown eyes, you can hear his questions.  

So we added the Handsome One to Twitter.  I mean really, don't you think that beautiful face needs a social media presence?  If you would like to hear what Samson has to say, you can follow him @thedogsamson.   He is pretty funny.  Just a warning, he tweets about his toots.  He can be a little stinky and you can be grateful that there is no smell-o-internet.  

And congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings who swept the Columbus BlueJackets to move on. There is NOTHING like playoff hockey.  Absolutely nothing.  

I will be a little under the radar this weekend with two whole days of photography classes.  It sure will be fun and I can't wait for Saturday morning.   Happy Friday all!  Enjoy the weekend.  


Lisa said...

I hope there will be pictures!


Jewels said...

I love how the light is falling on Samson...

Deirdre Honner said...

Lisa, I think only learning. :)

Thanks Julia! The outline of his nose is my favorite. :)