Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Techie Tuesday

Yeah, it's another all-about-the-pictures in another edition of Techie Tuesday. Tonight, I am heading out the Warehouse to take pictures of Denise at her bridal shower. So it's rather fitting that while I am out taking happy snaps, you are reading about resources. After last week's edition, I had some added resources that I neglected to provide. So two weeks, in a row it's for photographers, baby.

Henry, whose daughter Jill is an amazing photographer (here) mentioned that there is a website where we can borrow (for a fee), yes I said borrow, camera lenses. WOW! Could it be any simpler? The costs seem reasonable and selection incredible! Borrowlenses.com. Fantastic. Thanks Henry!

I have been asked what I use to edit photos. I used a number of programs - some free and some not. I love Photoshop Elements (here) for a nominal cost. I also like Irfanview (free) and Picasa also free. We like free.

And where can you share pictures? Some people swear by Flickr, Kodak, Photobucket and my fave, Picasa! There are many other programs available but these are the most common.

So as I am out clicking the camera, until next Tuesday, remember to wear clean underwear.


Lisa said...

Jill's site is gorgeous. I checked out her blog and, amazingly, her most recent post is some pics she did for the friend of a friend of mine in GR. Small world. Beautiful small world.

Thanks for the tips.


Lisa said...

P.S. I just re-read that and found it to be horribly grammatically incorrect: "...most recent post is some..."

What am I, a hillbilly? :-)


Deirdre Honner said...

Isn't Jill amazing? I never tire of looking at her pictures! Glad you enjoyed them!