Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have been busy, uninspired, busy, sick and on the road. A weekend away was just what the doctor ordered!

The last weekend, Paul and I let the Handsome One spend the weekend with his peeps at Whiskers Pet Resort and we headed north, to see the leaves and spend time at the water. We stayed at a friend's cottage in Oscoda, right on the lake. Despite a few clouds and just a few rain drops, we had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. We walked on the beach, did a little shopping, sat on big Adirondack chairs and stared at the Milky Way and listened to the lake. We never even turned on music or a radio. We just listened to the wonderful sounds of Lake Huron.

With Paul retired and a member of pretty exclusive post-Navy clubs, we never miss an opportunity to visit local American Legions or VFWs. Inevitably, they have great drinks along with characters around the bar. Neither place in Oscoda disappointed. The American Legion in Oscoda has a million dollar beach and view of Lake Huron, along with Killian's Red on draught. The VFW had it for a buck but the Legion had popcorn for a quarter. And the characters, oh joy. There was Dorothy and Linda and the stories. We really like it up there. Even with the drive.

The leaves are starting to turn here. I need to haul out the Nikon and start snapping some pics. It's a show that's always wonderful. In two days, the Red Wings are back at it, the Tigers are wrapping up a season and football is in full swing. Fall is flying by. Wish I could slow it all down.

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Lisa said...

I can relate to your blogging funk. I'm equally uninspired, but I get this way this time of year...longing for an autumn that just never comes.

Love the lake. When I was a kid, we had a cottage in Caseville - up in the thumb. Spent many a summer and fall days cavorting on the beach. It truly is a place to sooth and inspire the soul. Beautiful!