Friday, October 02, 2009

Sick day how I spent my Thursday and Friday. I have a wicked cold that has moved into my chest. After four days of a hacking cough, a running nose that has seen two boxes of tissue and a headache that just won't stop, I acquiesced and made a doctor appointment. She kindly gave me good drugs including codeine to help see this through and be done with it. She told me to stay home with my germs and not go out, including work. I don't care to have it again thank you very much. And I really don't want to share it.

But there is something about sitting around, all doped up, reflecting on the good and difficult, the wonderful and disappointing. Mr. Handsome was very confused that I have been home all day and hasn't quite now what to do. He followed me everywhere and there were a few times when I thought I was going to fall to my death, he was so underfoot (my velcro dog).

I got to wondering - it was a wonderful day in our home when he realized that we were "it" and he wasn't going anywhere else. I also got to wondering about other wonderful days in life, and there have been some pretty darn good ones. But if I had one day to relive completely, what day would that be? Which one would I pick? What one day over all the others would be the best day ever in my life? I have to ponder this, there are so many and I am so very grateful. But just one - do you know which day you would pick?

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