Sunday, October 04, 2009

Randomness around Michigan

Detroit's unemployment is hovering around 30%. People on the ground in the city think it's more like 50%. That freaks me out. How can this state survive with our largest metropolitan community not working?

We recently took a wonderful trip up to Oscoda, maneuvering around construction barrels and decided this: there are signs that say Construction Zone Ends. But they really don't end. They start up again every several miles. So they should either say Construction Zone Ends FOR NOW or they shouldn't put anything up.

If you have a crackberry of any kind, look at Google Latitude. It is so cool, in a weird, stalker sort of way but it also shows traffic congestion. All for a paltry zero dollar, zero cents. Very cool.

I don't know how anyone couldn't love living here. I just wish our state was more welcoming to businesses, less tax, more incentive. It will be a long recovery for Michigan.

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