Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Diary of a photography addict

How you know you have a problem.  Or how you know I have a problem.  Most probably how we know WE have a problem, if you are photographer too.

1.  If your spouse says to you, "if photography were a controlled substance, there would have been an intervention."   That's a warning.  But not a deal-breaker.
2.  When you go to lunch with friends, you clean your lenses, check your batteries, and take an extra 8 gb card, 'just in case.'  Just in case the Lochness monster makes an appearance in Lake Huron. Or Elvis sits down at the table next to you. You just never know. You must be prepared.
3.  When you travel, you pack your camera gear first, then clothing.  You can always buy clothing.
4.  No one asks you what you want for Christmas. They either can't afford it or you just get a gift card. Happily.
5.  You have a lens for every occasion.  Or distance.  Or lighting.
6.  You know what glass means.  And I don't mean for drinking bourbon slushies.
7.  You look at other pictures and say, "I can do that ..."  and can.
8.  You have lens envy when you see sports photographers.
9.  You find yourself at dinner parties evaluating light temperature, angle, and framing.
10. You have a bumper sticker that says, "I would rather be taking pictures"  or "So many pictures, so little time."

From Samson's Day 7.13

and you look at a picture like this and say, ahhhh..... love.


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Paul's Blog said...

Now that is a good looking dog! Awesome photo of the Handsome one.