Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gifts for photographers

One of the funniest blog posts I wrote last summer - diary of photography addict - generated some hilarious conversation on facebook and some wonderful email notes.  There are many of us out here, we who love the little black box that takes light and pixels and metal and creates a visual masterpiece.  It is a hobby that haunts us, one that is never very far from my thoughts.  Love.

Yesterday,  a friend shared this link - 50 reasons not to date a photographer.  It's hilarious.

So getting into the Christmas holiday, I thought I would write for those who don't understand our addiction hobby.  Need ideas for what to buy that fabulous photographer in your life?   A gift that isn't in the four digits?  Here is my help. (Hint.  Hint.)

Memory cards.  We/I/they can never, ever, ever have enough memory cards.  Whenever I head out with my camera, I am convinced that I won't have enough room for my pictures.  That's insane and completely unrealistic but sadly true.

Gift cards.  B & H Photo/Video.

Photography books.  Anything by Scott Kelby or any from the hosts of fabulous photographers who write and shoot about pictures.

Any kind of really cute gift from Photojojo.  Like the lens mug.

Go forth and take care of that photographer in YOUR life.

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