Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas post ex

we lost a little time this Christmas vacation.  we were out of power for a couple of days and that had us scrambling ... trying to save food, keep warm, figure out where/how long/what we were doing.   but we recovered with grace and elegance.

and had a magnificent Christmas.

the highlight was Paul's dinner.  I don't like lamb.  I try ... like bell peppers but I just don't like it.  (I know, I think not liking bell peppers is akin to treason but really I have tried and gah - can't stand them).  but we have this lamb in the basement and we tried a dish earlier in the year and WOW.  it's fabulous.

we call it lamb balls.  say that without laughing.  really, say, "I love lamb balls" out loud without chuckling just a bit.  you can't.  we can't either so we spend all kinds of time laughing at our meal.

lamb balls

and there was wine.  and some really good wine!

and the lamb balls were - delicious!

served with Paul's homemade bread.

and we had this little visitor join us.

the snow continues to fall.  as I listen to the wind and the ice crackling on the branches, I ponder.  it's a really white Christmas - 8-10 inches all around me, plummeting temperatures, grey skies.  today involves a fireplace and a really good book.  we look forward to the rest of this glorious vacation.


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