Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's Tuesday

There was a silly commercial about Wednesday being Prince Spaghetti day. Around here on Tuesdays, I cook and it's Buffalo Wild Wings. At 40 cents a wing, how can we not? :) No muss, no fuss and easy.

I have uploaded two pictures of our Charlie Brown tree. One trying out my "night" setting on my camera (oohhh, ahhhh) and the other picture in just regular light. We are trying to stewardly with our resources and not add any more of anything to the landfills. We get a hearty laugh out of the tree. Unfortunately, we may be perceived as irreverent when really, we are just very funny people. Just ask us. We will tell you just how funny we are. (Hehehehe). Hilarious people. And I love our little tree. Not a tree to envy, by any means but admire away. ;)

Samson had another exciting day at home with Paul. He listens more and more and now is starting to show the 'I want..' behaviors. By going to the bedroom door, Samson was telling Paul that he wanted to go to bed. Apparently Paul was being too loud. (Now that is REALLY funny)

This evening, he had a little treat - his Kong is filled with puppy treats and peanut butter. It kept him occupied for an hour.

Paul is working on setting up his new computer- with Vista (funny M$ music in the backgroud). I am working on consolidating my pictures and playing on my Mac. I am learning Leopard and enjoying the operating system. Fortunately, neither of us have experienced the BSOD with either operating system.

Let's go Red Wings!


Henry said...

Don't tempt fate, the BSOD is inevitable. And then, it may be the HD cable that goes next....


Gary said...

I think the tree is kind' cute!

Glad Comcast finally came through with the HD box. It's great, isn't it?

Deirdre Honner said...

HD is fabulous! I like the tree too - it's pretty funny and a great conversation piece. :)

Lisa said...

I love the tree. I love the ornaments. I love the lights. I mean, it's not something Clark Griswald would approve of, but I think it's spectacular...and so would Charlie Brown!