Sunday, January 13, 2008

Geek Alert!

We had a fabulous weekend. Frankly, I just don't know where the time goes.

Saturday was busy. We had training in the morning with Handsome boy. He is doing SO well. Paul has worked long and hard with him and Samson's heels when Paul is walking him is nothing short of impressive! Samson's 'stay' and his 'come' are super! Next week, we start intermediate training and graduate from beginner's training next Saturday. I am glad that Jeanne our trainer thinks Samson qualifies for intermediate training. :)

Paul made my all time favorite, Tenderloin Deluxe, Saturday for dinner. In between football, hockey and Fiona Ritchie, we had a nice dinner with long grain rice, steamed asparagus and ceasar salad. Deelish!

Geek alert! In between helping friends tweak resumes and redo cover letters, I had a little fun of my own. I *finally* registered my own domain and set up everything in Google Apps. I have to hand it to Google - it is very slick and quite easy to do. Google had all the information for most domain hosting sites and gave step by step instructions on putting it to use. Paul rolls his eyes at me when I get going on this stuff, but I am now in internet infinity with dhonner. How cool is that? ;)


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Big Johnny said...

A geek, yes...but a gentle flower as well...:^)