Monday, January 28, 2008

I am a weather nerd

And proud of it. My friend and colleague, Dorothy, appreciates my special nerdness relating to the weather. When we have traveled for business, and others are out painting the town red (or whatever color one paints a town now), Dorothy and I would be curled up in our jammies in our hotel room, drinking tea, watching the Weather Channel. Yup, that's weather nerdness to the extreme.

With that introduction, it's raining here. It's RAINING here. Lisa sent it and I blame her. Rain in the valley of the sun is a GOOD thing; rain in Michigan in January is, well, unnatural. If this were fluffy white stuff, it would be coming down in feet, not inches...perhaps even Calvin would close! We are getting a lot of rain. And tomorrow, the talking weather nerds are saying thunderstorms. And in perfect Michigan weather, followed closely by 2-4 inches of snow. Go figure.

The very best part of the Weather Channel is the Local on the 8s. The weather nerd administrators are some of the few in media who understand HOW TO USE AN APOSTROPHE. It is quite a feat to resist the urge to add that small character and they don't. Kudos to them. Along with the Local on the 8s is some of the very best music that I have heard. It is nice background music. Yes, I have contacted them about the music and GOOD NEWS, they are starting to sell their background music. It is available at Target. Did you have any idea that that weather channel could offer such a diverse catalog of services and information? Consider yourself in the know with the other special weather nerds. ;)

Good night from Michigan.


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry for sending such ugly, nasty, unnatural weather to The Motherland. You see, it is a delight to get buckets of rain in The Valley of the Sun in January. It acts as a natural memory inhibitor so we forget what's looming in our futures in the months to come.

The only thing better than being able to buy the Weather Channel music at Target would be streaming audio on the computer!

Your husband will certainly think I've lost my mind. :-)

Paul's Blog said...

You are right. You have lost your mind. Does Gary know that he lives with a Weather Nerd?


jan.dv said...

Well, now I know what to get Henry for Valentine's Day: a Weather Channel CD!! I think he's your equal in weather nerdiness.


Big Johnny said...

I'm more of a time nerd than a weather nerd. I'm torqued that my "atomic clock" can't pick up the radio signal to reset every I nperiodically have to "take my clock for a walk..."

Deirdre Honner said...

I love the Weather Channel, you who mock me....;)