Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ahhhhhh, the weekend

After the ruckus Thursday night, I was grateful for Friday. Work flew by and when I got home, Paul had almost everything set for dinner. My only job was to iron the napkins. Now, THAT I can do!

We had new friends Dave and Aileen over for dinner. Paul made Tenderloin deluxe, long grain rice, steamed asparagus and a nice Caesar salad. Dave owns HWCHomeworks and Aileen works for Window World of West Michigan so we talked a good deal of 'shop' all night. I learned quite a bit about people, construction and windows. Aileen brought dessert which was a delicious chocolate cake (with a little help from Arnies). It was a fun time and the two guys cooked like champs. :)

Today, Paul is otherwise engaged and Samson and I are on our own. We are looking forward to a playdate with our furry friends Coke and Kenya, and their humans Phil and Lies. It is sort of spitting snow right now, some of it is blowing snow, accompanied by a bit falling from the sky. The talking weather nerds indicated some sunshine possible, but I don't see how with the thick layer of gray that is currently covering us.

It's interesting that for the Superbowl, they are expecting rain and I suspect will have to cover the stadium. What a drag- all the tailgating will be wet. Bummer. I hope it passes by them but the outlook is not good.

I have some work to do, some stuff to read, a kitchen to straighten, some laundry to wash and a Handsome Boy who needs some fun. Enjoy the weekend!

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Lisa said...

Here's what Super Bowl fans can expect per Weather Underground:

... Wet and windy conditions expected in south central Arizona late Sunday through Monday. A strong cold front is expected to move into south central
Arizona including the greater Phoenix area Sunday evening.
Relatively high amounts of moisture along the front will result in a significant threat of precipitation along with a few thunderstorms.

Indications are that between one third and two thirds of an inch of rain are possible across the greater Phoenix area Sunday
night with an inch or more of rain over the higher terrain north
and east of Phoenix. Soil moisture in some of the flood prone washes
is still high from last sundays rain event... so heavy runoff is
possible in area creeks and washes.

In addition to the rain southwesterly winds will increase to 15 to 20 mph during the late afternoon and up to 25 mph Sunday evening. Gusts as high as 35 mph will be possible in the greater Phoenix area Sunday night...

Fortunately, the stadium has a roof. But the weather is a far cry from our 70 degree normal.

Hope you're staying warm while your Man Servant is off to the baptism.