Friday, March 14, 2008

Ah....the weekend

....the Friday happy dance, even if it is after the 5:00 pm hour. It was a nice day and a good week and we got quite a bit done. It was spring break at the college but for staff, we were still working away. In fact, we can actually be busier during 'breaks' since faculty and staff offices that aren't busy try and get things done that they have let slide.

It was also a dirty week for us. The construction crew doing the work down the hall created all kinds of dust and mung, traveling through the halls and vents. Every night that I have come home from work, I am covered in a layer of dust from my hair (ick) to my shoes. :( The pictures here of the hallway in and out, and right to the bathroom. And, my camera lens is neither blurry nor old; that's all the construction dirt in the air!

My friend Lies, sent us (that's the royal 'us') an invitation to go have Samson's herding instinct tested. Now, Mr. Handsome will never be a show dog, nor will he ever be a working dog (at least not in East Grand Rapids) but Paul and I are frequently on the receiving end of a furry little head bumping our calves. When we are outside walking, he will nip at our shoes. It is HILARIOUS. He has this funny look, almost a 'I can't help myself' look when he bites and nips at our shoes. The calve bumping is funny too. He has never hurt us, or our feet/legs but I think that he has a tremendous instinct in him. If so, I would love to be able to give him an outlet. If he is a natural at herding, I would be happy to let him herd a couple times a month. The drawback here is that if your dog hurts or injures a sheep, I think that I am on the hook to pay for it. The sheep, that is. They aren't expensive (sorry sheep) but the whole notion strikes me as rather funny. I hope he doesn't get carried a way and kill a sheep! :) It isn't until May so I have plenty of time to prepare.

We have some TBTB work to do this weekend and some Spring cleaning to start. But the sun is out, no precipitation is in site for 8 whole days and the breeze is starting to warm up! Paul has some wonderful meals on the menu and Samson is hoping for some frisbee! Enjoy the weekend!


Lisa said...

If he just injures a sheep, do you then have to take the sheep home? Sort of like, "Your break it, you bought it"? Does EGR have any ordinances as to sheep? It could cut down on the lawn mowing come spring (of which it sounds you're on the cusp)...or, would that be a goat? Hmmm. I've heard goats are hard to herd, but are probably even cheaper than sheep. Then again, you could have milk and cheese, as well.

Honestly, I'm not even sure where this comment started, anymore...or, honestly, where it's going. I'll stop here.

Enjoy the warm breezes.


Paul's Blog said...

If we ever bring a sheep home, it will be so that I can kill it and eat it. We love sheep. They are delicious!

Deirdre Honner said...

Stream of consciousness blogging perhaps? I have to say, between hearty chortles at your post, I had the same thoughts! Can I have the sheep slaughtered? Can I keep the wool? Should I have it stuffed for Samson's trophy room?

So many questions, but I will stop here too. :)

Lisa said...

...which brings me to veal...