Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Wow, has it been a busy couple of days! Work is going well for Paul and I am still working (like it's a choice). ;) The best news to report is Mr. Samson is LOVING his time with Catie. He is spoiled rotten and just continues to be so with her. Things are going well.

Paul got home from work and went for a run. Mr. Handsome and I went for a 40 minute walk and then he had time with furry girlfriend before it was dinner time. For the bipeds, it was my turn to cook so we settled on Buffalo Wild Wings.

One curious note, there is a house not to far from here, located on the prestigious street in EGR, who is sporting a bovine statute .... on the lawn. Front lawn. On the FRONT lawn. ??? It's the most peculiar statue. I will try and get pictures of it on my next walk. I am overcome, with curiosity (much like the HR Asst/Rodeo coach) to stop by the house and ask why they have a cow on their lawn.....

American Idol is down to the final five and I predict the finalists will be David and David. Tonight, the Red Wings head west to play game three in Colorado. I just can't stay up that late to watch hockey. At some point, one of us will wake up at some insane hour and be pulled to the computer to see how the Wings have done. It's crazy but the draw of the game is too much. :)

Let's Go, Red Wings!!

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Lisa said...

All you guys are missing is a foam finger!! Go Wings!!!!