Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's all in the timing

Well, last night ended my very favorite shows - American Idol and DWTS. I know that AI has the finale selection tonight but both 'Davids' are so good that they will have long careers ahead of them. With the shows over and hockey not starting until Saturday night, this is the most serendipitous timing that I have ever known! Today starts round two of the Paul and Deirdre remodeling saga.

Today, our good friends and contractors Dave Van Houten and crew finish replacing some very old windows, put in a new front door (the ENTIRE thing) and rebuild our backroom wall. This is no ordinary wall - it is a wall composed of two enormous sliding glass windows. Over the years, the sliders (as they are called in this neck of the woods) have deteriorated so badly that last winter, we couldn't get the heat up above 58 degrees. It was the just the kick we needed to have Dave's crew take care of that wall. The new front door will be a blast too! From the front, our house is very bland and this new door will look fabulous.

In preparation for the work, and in between songs and dances, Paul and I removed all the vertical blinds and much of the hardware. That sentence reads so just typed so gently off the tips of my fingers but DANG it was a pain in the...neck to do all that. We moved the furniture and cleaned up three dogs worth of dog hair. (How that dog isn't naked, I just don't know).

This is perfect timing for all the chaos, dirt, debris and work. We are in between good stuff and I can take a few days off from work. Plus it's a long weekend. Mr. Samson is a little confused by all the moving of stuff and people but as long as he has us and a bone, he doesn't seem to care where he lays his head. :) Pictures will commence shortly.


Big Johnny said...

I for one am very glad Kristi won DWTS...but Cheryl Burke is SMOKING HOT !!!!!

Lisa said...

Dee, I saw the front door at Paul's blog. Beeeee-autiful!