Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday morning

It's a beautiful morning. It is quite cool, with a ton of dew sprinkled all over the grass. It is still - not a breeze in sight or feel anywhere. We were up early for Mr. Handsome decided that he needed to take a trip outside and wanted us to join him. So we obliged and took him for a nice walk. There were a few people out at 7:30 this morning but not so many that it distracted Samson. We are still working on maintaining his attention on walks. We ended up doing a lot of turn arounds (and I get DIZZY) but it is the most consistent way to keep him on a loose-leash walk. I have to remember that he is still an adolescent and every thing that moves MUST be investigated, explored and potentially killed, so I need to work on being patient. Sigh.

We had a busy day yesterday. We wrapped it up with a visit from our friend Aileen. We have picked out a fabulous front door and she helped us pick out the proper storm door. It's beautiful. The screen is retractable in the storm door, so we can remove the glass for a screen OR have glass and the screen hidden. Plus the hardware is brushed nickel. I can't wait to have it installed. We didn't ever work to fix the front door when Allie was still with us. With her terrible allergies, we kept most of the windows closed and kept the air conditioning on or fans running. Samson doesn't have those issues so we have more options.

For dinner, Paul made tenderloins in cabernet sauce with steamed asparagus, long grain rice and a fabulous salad. We ended the night watching Philadelphia eliminate Montreal from the Stanley Cup playoffs. There are a couple of games today in the quest for the Cup! Should be a good hockey day.

The weekends just fly by! Tomorrow, it's back to work!

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