Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tonight is the night ....

....we hope. Tonight the Red Wings can wrap it up against the Dallas Stars. They are up three games to none. Of course, Dallas is on home ice and has a seriously vested interest in keeping the series alive. It looks like we are heading towards a Penguin/Red Wings final.

Paul and I have recovered from the concert and our hearing is back to pre-concert levels. Even with foamies, the music was a little loud. We were talking about the concert and the playlists and I was laughing at 'being old.' At the concert, as I sat there watching these wonderful musicians, my mind wandered to thoughts of, 'huh, that scaffolding looks dangerous. I wonder what their workers compensation rates are....' or, 'Stuart is such a wonderful drummer but after all that drumming and repetitive motion, I wonder if he has carpel tunnel syndrome. Or any of the guitarists for that matter' and, 'these are Brits and the tour was extended. I wonder how complicated their immigration extension was. Who did it? How do they extend their visas when they don't have a set location?' Paul kicked me after that one. ;)

The flowers are in full bloom on campus and are just stunning. And with the rain coming down, it will help everything especially our grass! It's back to work, it's mid week as we make our way toward the Friday happy dance!


Lisa said...

That handy pocket-cam takes some nice pics. The flowers look beautiful!


Deirdre Honner said...

They are gorgeous. And that little camera was worth EVERY penny. :) I love it.