Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tile and faucets and paint, oh my!

Tonight was our first meeting with HWC Homeworks to discuss the massive reconstruction of the kitchen. We are basically ripping the kitchen down to its studs, complete with the removal of tile, bulkheads and ugly appliances. Wow, that creates a lot of questions. What types of appliances? Cabinetry? Tile? Plumbing? Lighting? Countertops? Yikes, it is overwhelming.

The kitchen needs it. It is the room in which we spend a ton of time. We have an older home and don't have the ability (unless we come into unlimited resources) to open up the kitchen. So we are sort of stuck with current layout. Right now, we have wretched white cabinets, a sort of hybrid grey/ugly white floor tile and dark grey grout. It always looks dirty. Then there is the sink. The sink is something I should sell on eBay just for laughs - it is a royal blue that matches nothing else in the house. Nothing. Why it's blue, we haven't a clue. We just know that it's ugly.

So we spent the evening evaluating lay out, under-counter and recessed lighting, stainless steel appliances, cool cabinetry with drawers and glass, marvelous floor tile, alluring back splashes and of course, SWEET and (woo hoo) discounted GE appliances. We may need new windows and maybe even new window treatments. Depends on the colors. We are in a dime, in a dollar. Now it is all about how it looks. :)

Bottom line, no, we aren't taking a summer vacation. Or a winter vacation. Probably not even a next-spring vacation. But dang, we will have fun enjoying, entertaining and cooking in the high end kitchen. Reservations are NOT required!

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Lisa said...

Picking out the bling is, by far, the best part of the job. In my tiny, humble abode on Lyon St., I upgraded my yellow formica back splash with Turkish tumbled marble. It was so pretty. I loved it. When I do the backsplash in this house, I think I'll do small glass tiles - hoping to trick my eyes in to believing the kitchen is bigger than it really is.

Have you narrowed down the search?