Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Edging closer to Friday

It's been a nice week but is flying by! What would a blog post be without a Pin update? And if you are tired of the Pin (Lord knows I am), there are a couple of other updates to share.

I am still tired when I come home. Wednesday morning, I had a little liquid incident (and this will surprise NONE of my friends). I got the small foot bootie wet. Since I am supposed to keep the Pin dry at all times (for reasons to gross to post), I didn't want to risk getting it wet with the foot bootie. So ALL DAY, I had to wear wretchedly hot, fashion-forward black plastic and Velcro foot boot. It was hot; it was wretched; and I was tired when I got home. So up on the ice went the foot.

My good friend and colleague, Dr. DeHeer, the chair of the biology department, has extensive experience with orthopedics. He LOVES to talk to me about my foot, my Pin and all the things that are happening internally. He knows exactly what's going on with the foot, all the nerves and tendons and proper names. With clinical expertise, he tells me all the problems, pains and issues that might and probably will occur. For example, my foot is healing and sort of, in a way that I could only describe as fighting back, the foot is feeling good and pushing the Pin. So the Pin sort of moves around. And dang if it doesn't hit nerves and other various sundries. It is the STRANGEST sensation that I have experienced. I really want to tell the Pin - quit moving!

The highlight of the day is dedicated to my friends, the Weather Nerds. You know who you are. I joined an elite group today - a group of back-yard weather watchers. I joined the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) I get to purchase an official precipitation gauge and will have to measure and report it every morning at 0600. I have an assigned station number and special username and password to log in with my reports. I do not expect many of you to understand this special relationship we weather nerds have with weather and other weather nerds. But if you want to know how much rain falls annually in EGR, you will know just WHO to thank.

Sorry the pictures have been almost non existent. Sort of hard to hold the camera, stay out of the way of the dog and take pictures, all with a Pin in my foot. :) Next post is the Friday Happy Dance.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard at this. A rain gauge. I'm so envious. If I had a rain gauge it would perish of loneliness.

Rock on, weather nerds!


Henry said...

You're right, we know who we are!!!

Can you do the Happy Dance with a fashion-forward black boot? I'll stop by in the morning to check :-)


Lisa said...

I stand corrected. We had a monsoon storm last night and 1.71 inches of rain. Thanks to Jim Cantore and his rain gauge for that measurement.