Sunday, July 06, 2008

An ending, a beginning and a little limbo

Well, my FMLA is coming to end as I return to work tomorrow. It's the ending of a very painful time in my life and I use those terms in the literal sense - dang it was painful. I have taken good care of the foot and the Pin, not wanting the bend the Pin (can't even imagine the pain there...), cleaning the foot and rubbing my scar with Vitamin E cream.

So the beginning of my back to work week will be interesting. At home, I have been able to elevate and ice the foot when it got sore. I will have to see how that will work at at desk. I have ice available and a place to put the leg but still chuckle when thinking about how it will look. Oh well. :)

Oh good friend Deb came over for dinner last night. We are in remodel limbo of the kitchen; we have signed the contract, ordered some of the stuff and now we wait for time, materials and manpower to intersect. We have on our calendar August 11 and we can't wait! Back to Deb, she had a terrific idea for our basement door - she was thinking about a pocket door for our basement - one that would slide into the wall. Our basement is located in a highly inefficient location in our kitchen and the doors take up way too much space. As our friends at Guinness say, "Brilliant!" Jeff from HWC Homeworks checked his email this weekend and said that he would look into it.

And Gary, I know that I have been ignoring posts on Mr. Handsome. The poor dog has been mightly confused having me around in this gimpy state. He will bark and whine at the door when hoppy things are in his yard and then look at me with the, "if only you were a little smarter..." look. Since his recall is not 100%, I can't run the risk of taking him outside in my fashion-forward black plastic and Velcro foot boot. Then he will let out a big sigh, and plop down. Poor thing, he just can't figure out what's going on. Tomorrow he will be back to his usual self. Be assured, that he gets LOTS of exercise, discipline and affection.

Tomorrow, it's back to work!

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