Friday, July 25, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Say goodbye to Polly Pin Foot. We are done. It's over. The Pin is history. Well, technically, the Pin-in-my-foot is history; the Pin is actually in a bag in the kitchen right now. So I promised a blow-by-blow of the afternoon and here it is.

Today our office had a professional development day and were out of the office. This started the funny comments and pokes from friends and colleagues about the Pin.

It started with (my boss) Todd, outlining our day and ending the day a little early with this:

....and give Dee time to get to the doctor to have the PIN REMOVED (in case any of you wondered she does in fact have a PIN in her FOOT and has had it there for quite some time).

A Calvin News generated a very funny email from Dr. DeHeer about the reasons for the HR office closing: will be closed on Friday to celebrate the pin removal! How absolutely wonderful. I can just see it now...the assembled HR multitude gathering at the podiatrists office in a festive, pre-removal atmosphere...a nice selection of vine-ripened fruit, both red and green, to provide early-morning energy...a boisterous send-off to that little "removal" room with its temporarily closed door...and then, only a few minutes later, to the sound of a vigorous drum-roll...and a spontaneous receiving line with over-the-top jubilance...the liberated woman emerges! Loud cheers erupt...the entire HR cadre jumps for joy, careful only to protect their own limbs and those of others...and the HR leader with uncharacteristic enthusiasm and animation suggests that the festive group move its celebration to a place where a now fermented form of the early morning nutrition is available. What a day!

Congratulation on losing your pin!

And a couple of other fun emails/Facebook posts on being "Pinless":
From Jennifer: Hooray no pin!!!
and Heidi: Good morning! Are you pinless yet? Have a great day!
and Jan: Yay!!! How was it? I'm in awe that you've survived all this misery so well.

So did it hurt? I thought about the question and my answer. I realized that I have a different perspective on "hurt" than perhaps others and in what context - relative to what? When someone says that it won't hurt, I see pain in context of absolutes. Yes or No. One or Zero. I suspect that the good podiatrist probably sees pain on a continuum, like it won't hurt MUCH. Or it will hurt a LITTLE. So did it hurt? I have to say using the continuum scale, not much. It pinched. It was uncomfortable. And I am not standing in line to do this again, friends. But it didn't hurt much and it's over.

My foot is sore and stiff. It will take a couple of weeks for my gate to return to normal. I am to walk around in shoes with good support. Not overdo it and once in a while, I can use the fashion-forward black plastic and Velcro foot boot. Not like I WANT to but sometimes might need it.

So who is the good podiatrist? Dr Brian Buchanan of MMPC. He did a great job, putting up with me and my Pin and my lamentations this whole time. I go back for x-rays in three weeks. And I will take care of my feet for good. Enjoy the weekend all. I know that I will.


Lisa said...

This is incredible, stupendous, delightful, wonderful news. You are pinless and may now pass through security checkpoints without setting off all the alarms.

I still think you should paint a tiny Spartan head on it. :-)

Glad you weathered the storm and there is no love lost between you and Dr. B.


Lisa said...

P.S. How long before your first, post-Pin pedi?

Deirdre Honner said...

Thanks Lisa! I will get a pedi when the big hole on the top of my poor toe heals. :( Sorry you won't get to see the Pin in action...but it's in a bag waiting to be mounted.

Can't wait to see you and the Tot!