Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday is a BIG day

Tuesday is my big day. This morning, I have my x-rays that will provide my favorite podiatrist (pause....note dripping sarcasm) with a status of the Pin. One critical component of having the Pin in my foot is that I don't bend it. Should I inadvertently bend the Pin, I would have to have it surgically removed. Take a moment and think about the statement. A bent Pin in my foot. I shudder. So you bet that I have taken good care to not bend or otherwise compromise the Pin so that it may be removed. The goal for the beginning is to REMOVE the Pin.

Now that brings up an entirely different post, my abject horror at the thought of my favorite podiatrist (pause) simply pulling the Pin right out of my foot. Just sitting in the chair and WHAM out comes the Pin. He has assured me (pause) that this will not hurt. He reports that other patients have reported it feeling "funny" or "odd." Now given our track record together and his complete and total reversal on what hurt and what didn't....I am not convinced that Dr. Understatement has a handle on how I personally will do in this situation. So we wait and I will know in a few hours what next for the my foot and the Pin.

Last night, Paul grilled a couple of steaks on the grill and I made a chopped salad. The chopped salad is my very favorite salad - chopped iceberg lettece, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese and black olives. I use Newman's Own salad dressing and it's the PERFECT summer salad.

While Paul was grilling the corn and steaks, Mr. Samson was playing with a stick. This was after he tried to chase the hawk.. He was really riled up and took it out on a stick. Of course, he kept looking for the hawk. Always the hunter .....

It's off for the day. Enjoy it!

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Lisa said...

Too bad they don't make pins that dissolve...you know, like sutures? Then, one day it would just be gone. How cool would THAT be??